The 4 Best Fitness Programs You Should Watch On TV


Almost everyone is concerned about staying in shape for various reasons. However, not all has the capacity, the resources, and the time to exercise. More often than not, most who neglect working out never runs out of excuses. These people, sometimes including myself, end up just dreaming about having the body they’re aiming for without doing anything. Visualize: expectation vs. reality.

While a primary excuse is not having enough finances or time to go to the gym, or having enough confidence jogging around the neighborhood, there are concerned TV networks which came up with TV programs and channels that can motivate people to move, and get their body goals without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Here are five shows that can be considered God’s and technology’s gift to humankind.

1. Fit to Fat to Fit


Imagine a trainer who had been fit all his life gaining weight just to show his client that there’s hope for a healthier body with the right exercise, motivation, and discipline.

This program is a show that will start you working out. Watch how trainers literally join their weight loss journey by gaining weight before they lose it with their clients. There’s undeniable weight loss, drama, and inspiration.

2. The Biggest Loser


Contestants give themselves two shots to victory. Since this is a game show, they’re losing weight to win cash and ace their body goals.

Participants are divided into two teams, compete individually and as a group, face temptations, and work their way out to fitness. Witness how they handle their cravings, frustrations, drama, and losing a big amount of excess weight. The person who sheds the most weight off wins the title.

3. Extreme Weight Loss


Husband and wife trainers, Chris and Heidi Powell, lead volunteers to their weight loss journeys. It’s not your average weight loss program; it’s Extreme Weight Loss. This show takes the pattern of Extreme Makeover. In fact, the show’s original title was Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. This is the second time the show changed its name, as this program originally premiered as “Obese” in 2009.

Excessively overweight participants were set out to change their lives’ paths by shedding out half of their body weight in a span of twelve months. The Powells move in to guide the participants throughout their journey.

4. Christian Fitness


Do away with your sedentary lifestyle with workout and nutritional guidance for your body and spirit. Christian Fitness takes care of your weight loss journey with the Scriptures and prayer.

Lose weight without losing your soul. This faith-based fitness program will keep you moving to shed any excess weight, along with the food and diet tips, and of course, workouts that are proven and tested to work out.

While quite frankly fewer shows these days for exercise and fitness, there are still quality programs that we can watch. Staying fit doesn’t always have to be an outdoor journey. In fact, everyone can lose weight with exercise while watching TV.