3 Tips for Saving Money on Your TV Subscription Service

With the average cable bill costing an average of $125 per month, it’s no surprise that many of users would rather get rid of it. The good news is that you CAN save money on your TV subscription service.

Here’s how:

Tip #1: Change Your Service Provider

Consider switching to another service provider to help save you money. Switching providers will ultimately help you save in the short-term as most cable companies offer their best deals to new subscribers. Just be sure to pay close attention to the expiration date of the promotion and long-term fees.

Tip #2: Change Your Subscription Package

img9Cancel premium services like sports or movie programming. While you may still have access to the service, you won’t have access to channels that you’re paying extra for every month. Canceling premium channels could save you hundreds of dollars every day depending on how much you already pay for premium channels.

If you’re only using local channels, you’re wasting money. You can watch local stations with an antenna, which will help you access digital sub-channels that aren’t shown on cable. A digital antenna will allow you to view only local network channels. While some networks let you stream online content, others do not.

Users have said to have paid a one-time fee of only $70 for a digital antenna. This is a better choice than paying $75 monthly for the same channels. If you’re still looking for your favorite TV series, you can supplement with Amazon Prime or Netflix memberships.

Tip #3: Share Satellite Service with a Trusted Neighbor

Some people have several satellite receivers, which are often shared within a group of homeowners in the area. Sharing allows you to split the monthly satellite bill. If four households are sharing the satellite receiver, this means you would only pay $40 instead of the total $160 bill.

Bottom Line

These are just a few ways to save money on your TV subscription service. Consider getting rid of an unused receiver, switch to bundle services or eliminate your service altogether. Switching will obviously save you a ton of money as there are still sites where you can watch TV content online.

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