What’s the Difference between Upload and Download speed?

Are you feeling the need for speed? Whether you’re looking for a new broadband provider or simply trying to figure out what your speed test is telling you, here’s what you need to know about upload and download speeds.


What is the different between upload and download speed?

Upload Speed

The upload speed of your broadband will determine how fast you can send files, data, and information to the internet.
Example: When you play online games with friends or send photos via social networking sites, this means you are uploading data to the web.

Download Speed

The download speed of your broadband will determine how fast you can receive information from the internet.

Example: When you view websites, watch movies or TV online, or download music files from the web– these functions require data information to be downloaded from the web.

For typical home broadband, upload speeds are usually slower than download speeds. Don’t be alarmed if you notice the difference as providers gives download data more priority. This is because most of us are more concerned with how fast we can download rather than how long it takes up to upload data.

Is it better to have a quick upload/download speed?

While the advantages of having a faster broadband speed are self-explanatory, you must also ask yourself, do you need to pay more for faster broadband?

If you have a home or small business that requires minimal internet daily, you could save a few bucks by sticking to the connection speed you need. Most people become tempted to choose expensive high-speed broadband that you may only need if you’re running a massive operation.

Bottom Line

The things you do on the internet will determine how fast you need your broadband to be. Consider a fast broadband package if you have a large household with several people using the web, more than three connected devices, regularly download music, TV, and movies to watch offline or play video games that require the internet connect.

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